San Jose Fire Fighters Retiree Shares Story of Work Comp Fight

A retired San Jose firefighter has been receiving treatment for years after he fell through a roof during an incident.

But all of a sudden, the independent entity hired by San Jose to "contain costs" has denied his previously-agreed Workers' Comp medical treatment.

Retired Captain Marty Hoenisch shared his story with a local news station's investigative team, one of dozens in San Jose who say the Workers Comp system is denying without cause.

California Professional Firefighters President Lou Paulson says the incident is one of many that has been forwarded to CPF, as part of an effort to crack down on the capricious denial of legitimate Work Comp claims.


California Professional Firefighters is sponsoring legislation aimed at cracking down on instant denials and punishing insurers and medical reviewers who don't properly report Workers' Comp data. Action on SB 1160 (Mendoza) is expected this week.