Standing Up for Those in the Path of North Bay Fires

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The grim toll from the vicious North Bay firestorm is growing almost as rapidly as the wind-whipped fires themselves:  As of noon Wednesday, 21 people had lost their lives, and nearly 700 others were reported missing. 3,500 structures have been lost and the total acreage affected had grown to 160,000 acres -- more than doubling over 24 hours.

Thousands of firefighters are on the front lines protecting lives and property in the North Bay fire siege. For many, the devastation is exacting a personal toll. 

As of October 11, as many as 40 firefighters have had their homes destroyed or severely damaged by the blistering fires. In most cases, these individuals were out on the lines doing their duty even as their own homes were under siege.

The union is stepping up for its members and for those they serve.

For our members

IAFF and CPF local affiliates -- led by Santa Rosa Local 1401 -- have mobilized a coordinated union command post to help coordinate assistance to firefighters and their families who have lost homes. 

Though the IAFF Disaster Assistance Program, personnel from the IAFF were dispatched to Santa Rosa, coordinating with Local 1401 and CAL FIRE Local 2881

Local 1401 and Marin Professional Firefighters Local 1775 have launched an official fund raising site to help those members who have lost homes or property in the fires. Information here at

For our communities 

CPF's non-profit California Fire Foundation is mobilizing direct assistance to  many of those who've suffered catastrophic losses. 

Through Foundation's Supplying Aid to Victims of Emergency (SAVE) program, CPF locals and their departments are on site in Santa Rosa and Napa with hundreds of SAVE value cards. The $100 SAVE cards provide those suffering substantial property with some immediate on-site assistance. 

Some 500 cards have been delivered already, and thousands more are on the way. The assistance is available to families that have suffered a residential loss of at least 25%.

Information on SAVE and how you can help at

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Especially when tragedy strikes, the union is all of us.