A proud legacy


Leading the way with strength through solidarity

Much of the history of the fight to protect and defend front line firefighters was written in California.

  • California firefighters were the first public workers to enjoy the explicit right to organize in a union.
  • We were the first to have our job-related illnesses -- cancer, heart and lung disease, blood borne pathogens and toxic exposures -- recognized by presumption laws.
  • We were the first to have personal exposure reporting to ensure that we could not be denied benefits for job-related illness and injury.
  • We were the first to have a Firefighters Bill of Rights, protecting us on the job.
  • We led the way in developing statewide standards for PPE, health and safety laws, Workers' Comp protections and a strong, secure retirement.

These and countless other advances are part of a proud legacy that continues today. 

Watch the video above and see for yourself.

If you want to learn more, CLICK HERE to read a 75-year history of California Professional Firefighters and the firefighter labor movement.

And to find out how the fight for all of us continues today, go to www.cpf.org and read the latest annual report.

Better yet, get to your next local union meeting and get involved. The union is all of us.