As firefighters, we’re trained to work together toward a common end. When the alarm sounds, we're one team. Often, our lives depend on it.

Just like we're there for each other, our union is there for all of us. By coming together with one voice, our union protects our jobs, our safety, our livelihood and our retirement security.


Our Union Family

“I know the union has my back because we’re all firefighters.”

What's a Union?

A united voice for good pay & benefits, safer equipment, better staffing & respect.

Leading the Way

What has the union done for you? Check out all of the "California Firsts".

Together for a Better Fire Service

Our local, state and national unions are about more than pay and benefits. They fight for the safety of firefighters and the communities we protect. 

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why it matters: Retirement Security

Firefighters put their lives and their bodies on the line over a career. They have earned a secure retirement. A pension is a promise made. Your union makes sure it's a promise kept.

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A Part of Something Bigger

As a union member, you’re part of a larger movement that unites millions of everyday working people fighting for decent pay, safe workplaces and dignity.

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On The
Front Lines

Stories of members making a difference

More than 8,000 proud union firefighters fought on the front lines battling the Thomas Fire and half a dozen other major blazes in a devastating December firestorm. Standing strong ... standing together. 

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