Why a Union?


Your other firefighter family

Firefighting is often described as a “brotherhood”. Fellow firefighters aren’t just co-workers: They’re part of a family that stands together in the line of fire, and stands up for each other in tough times.

This same sense of solidarity and commitment to each other is what being in a union is all about.

As union members, we come together with strength in numbers to stand as equals with our employers. Our union sits across the table representing everyday workers in the fight for fair pay, benefits, working conditions and basic respect.

They also stand with us in disputes with management, and stand up for us with the powers that be, whether they be at City Hall, the State Capitol or Washington D.C.

Our firefighter family is our union family. And the union is all of us.


The union mission

The union is there to protect firefighters  while they protect the public.

strength thru SOLIDARITY

Just like on the fire lines, the union gives firefighters the power of strength in numbers -- a whole much greater than the sum of its parts.

a seat at the table

As firefighters, we have a powerful voice in the halls of power. To keep it requires vigilance and strong, determined political action.