Fighting for You


California firefighters are among the best trained, best equipped and most fairly compensated in the nation. None of that was "given" to us by management. It was earned by decades of work by unions at all levels.

Often, progress came only after long, bitter fights where the only voice standing up for the men and women on the front lines was their united union voice.



For more than 75 years, California has led the way in standing up for firefighters. Watch and read the story of how our state union has proven there is strength through solidarity.


When one firefighter falls in the line of duty, all firefighters feel the loss. Our union - and all of us - built the California Firefighters Memorial. The work continues through CPF's California Fire Foundation.

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working for you

Whether it is a local fight over resources or the ongoing batt;e to protect pensions, the union is on the front lines every day. Get involved with your local and keep track of how the union is working for all of us.