why it matters

political action


"If you're not at the table, you're probably on the menu"

Everything a firefighter has, or doesn’t have, on the job is a result of decisions made by politicians. 

Local elected officials decide staffing, workplace safety, PPE as well as pay, benefits and hours. In Sacramento, lawmakers decide on everything from retirement security to Workers' Comp to training to your rights on the job.

As firefighters, we can't afford to be spectators. That means working to elect leaders that reflect the concerns of firefighters on the issues your career and your family: staffing resources, working conditions, retirement security, pay and benefits, health care, training.

OUR AGENDA - Improving the lives and livelihoods of first responders

Ever since firefighters started getting paid for what they do, our agenda has been simple and clear:

  • Better staffing and equipment on the job, especially in a time of heightened disaster risk
  • Reasonable pay and benefits for doing the job
  • Workplace protections for those injured on the job
  • Security for families of those who give their lives on the job
  • Reasonable retirement security for a lifetime of service
  • Effective and relevant firefighter training and apprenticeship programs


As firefighters and as working people, you look to your union to protect and secure what you have earned for the job you perform. When it comes to politics, these professional firefighter issues are our laser focus. 

The union is not in the business of telling members what to think or do off the job: Indeed, the union is committed to protecting your right to be your own person when you're not on the clock.

But when it comes to what happens on the job, that matters to us. It needs to matter to those in power, too.


Firefighters are no different from anyone else -- they make decisions at the ballot box on a range of issues and beliefs.